50/50 Relationships – Why It Doesn’t Work

Many think each partner bears equal responsibility for the union’s success or failure. However, this assumption is frequently false, leaving both couples disappointed and irritated. In this article, we’ll discuss why a 50/50 relationship could not work and what you can do to

Different Forms of Love: Understanding Platonic Relationships

When you think of love, you may immediately think of romantic relationships. However, love comes in many forms and there are many different kinds of relationships that you may encounter in your life besides romantic ones. Platonic friendships are a type of relationship

EMN Relationships: Ethical Non-Monogamy and Polyamory Explained

Relationship anarchy is a niche of non-monogamy where the individuals in the relationship prioritize personal autonomy and self-discovery rather than adhering to traditional relationship roles and labels. It's important to note that non-monogamy is not for everyone and it's important to have open

What is Promiscuous? Understanding the Different Types of Non-Monogamy

Promiscuity is a term that refers to engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners. It is often associated with a lack of commitment or exclusivity in relationships and may be seen as a negative trait by some people. However, it is essential to