24th September 2023

Building Trust in a Relationship: 6 Steps to Fix Your Relationship

Building Trust in a Relationship: 6 Steps to Fix Your Relationship

If there’s one thing I know for sure, trust is one of the most vital building blocks of a romantic relationship. I mean, sure, we could be a hundred percent attracted to each other intellectually, emotionally, or even sexually. But, if we have trust issues, it’s not a healthy relationship, and we’re doomed from the get-go.

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I’d hate to say I’ve seen it all, but I have seen my fair share of broken relationships. And I’m inclined to believe that if two people are meant to be, they must have a strong foundation of trust. I recently saw a recording of former First Lady Michelle Obama talking about how relationships can’t be 50-50. I agree with her one hundred percent.

You see, when one person is down to 30, maybe even 20 percent, the other partner has to trust them and believe that the deficiency isn’t long-term. You can’t build physical, intellectual, or emotional intimacy if you have trust issues. So then, how do we build trust in relationships?

And, can we repair a breach of trust? Let’s find out!

Steps to Build Trust in a Relationship

Learn to be Honest

I’d say that learning to say what you mean and mean what you say is the first step to having positive experiences and a healthy relationship. Being honest with your partner means you stick to what you say. Be where you’d be, and do what you said you’d do. Don’t stop making empty promises; imagine your partner will trust you if you don’t follow through.

If you don’t follow through with your word, your partner will stop believing in you. It’s a basic level rule that we should all follow. One way to determine if there are any signs of broken trust in a relationship is to determine whether one or both partners follow up on what they say.

Be Vulnerable

Everyone wants a partner they can relate to and connect with. I believe that vulnerability is one of the critical elements in building trust in a relationship. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open with our partners about our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, we show a level of trust in them. In addition, this level of openness and honesty creates a deeper intimacy and connection in the relationship.

In addition, vulnerability plays a significant role in emotional intelligence, as it allows for the building of mutual trust and understanding. When we share our innermost selves with our partners, we allow them to understand and empathize with us, which leads to greater relationship satisfaction.

In my experience, trust plays a crucial role in the success of any romantic relationship. Without trust, it’s difficult for a relationship to grow and flourish. However, we can build trust and strengthen our relationship by being vulnerable and practicing emotional intelligence.

Learn Effective Communication

Effective communication also involves active listening, a key building block in trust. We demonstrate that we value their thoughts and feelings by truly listening to your partner and what they say. This fosters a sense of trust and security in the relationship, as our partner feels heard and understood. It also creates a safe space for both partners to express themselves without fear of judgment or criticism.

You can’t build trust overnight. Instead, you build it over time through daily interactions and open communication. Even though trust can be broken, you can rebuild it with effective communication, willingness to work on it, and patience. Trust plays a critical role in any relationship and is essential for a relationship to thrive.

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Define Your Boundaries

Breaches of trust often occur when there are no clear or defined boundaries in a relationship. When you have clear boundaries, each partner understands, at a basic level, what to expect from the other. When you have boundaries, you can communicate with other people and let them know how much space you require from them in the relationship- emotionally or physically. When both partners in a relationship clearly understand each other’s boundaries, you can negotiate a clear approach to how you will handle matters in the relationship.

Always Come Clean

Most people don’t understand that building trust in a relationship requires time, patience, and effort. Lack of trust can be due to lies and deceit in the relationship. However, we must also remember that it can be done even though regaining broken trust is difficult. To rebuild trust in a relationship, you must be aware of the different dimensions of trust, such as behavioral, cognitive, and emotional.

Lies and deceit in a relationship can make it hard for a partner to trust you emotionally. You must remember that actions speak louder than words. Even though a verbal apology is a great place to start, ensure you follow through with actions that show you’re trustworthy. Displaying a willingness to be accountable for your actions shows trust.

Talk About Commitments

In a relationship, one key sign of trust is being able to talk openly and honestly about commitment. When you can discuss your feelings and goals for the future with a partner, it shows that you trust them to understand and support you. On the other hand, if you’re hesitant to bring up these topics, it can indicate a lack of trust in the relationship.

Additionally, handling bad news and difficult conversations maturely and respectfully is another important role of trust in a successful relationship. When I trust my partner to handle these situations with grace and understanding, it helps to strengthen our bond and build a deeper level of the dimension of trust between us.

Can We Build Broken Trust in a Relationship?

It is possible to rebuild broken trust in a relationship. Trust is a multi-dimensional concept, and it can be broken in different ways, such as through dishonesty, betrayal, or lack of follow-through. To rebuild trust, both partners must be willing to take responsibility for their actions and make an effort to restore the broken trust.

One of the key signs of trust is consistency in actions and words. If a partner says they will do something, they must follow through. Additionally, it’s important to communicate openly and honestly and be willing to forgive and move forward. By working together and consistently rebuilding the dimensions of trust, a relationship can recover and become even stronger!

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