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Road to Relationships garners more than 1,000 monthly page views, offering a platform to showcase your relationship-related content to a fresh audience.


We connect contributors and social media accounts to facilitate increased traffic to your website or brand. Additionally, we highlight you as an author, crafting a dedicated author page.


For our guest contributors, we charge a flat fee of $150 to cover fact-checking, formatting, and uploading your content to our CMS. 

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Submission Details

We encourage you to write on topics that interest you and that you can share valuable industry expertise. Please consider that your content:

  • should align with our niche
  • should align with our brand values
  • should align with our editorial standards

  • Originality
    Plagiarism is permitted, and content must be fully original. Uploading previously published material on/from your website is also prohibited.

    The minimum length of an article should be 800 words. However, we prefer articles between 1500 and 3000 words to ensure a comprehensive article on the subject you cover.

    We do not accept diary-style submissions. We seek well-researched articles that strongly adhere to Google's Helpful Content guidelines. Additionally, we appreciate thoroughly researched articles that cover various perspectives on the relative topic.

    Editorial Guidelines
    Your submitted article might be subject to editorial review, including adherence to tone of voice guidelines. Here are some examples of what we look at:

    - Avoid judgmental or condescending language when addressing relationship challenges.
    - Refrain from sharing overly personal or sensitive information that could compromise privacy or confidentiality.
    - Steer clear of offensive or discriminatory language and ensure our content is inclusive and welcoming to all.
    - Avoid promoting or endorsing harmful relationship behaviors or practices.

    Apart from adhering to tone of voice guidelines, we will do a full sweep on grammatical and other common grammar mistakes.

    How we choose our contributors
    Our contributors should have a real interest in providing actionable tips to improve our readers' relationships with others. Together, we can make relationships easier.

    Only through the collective effort and commitment of everyone, following the guidelines, can we achieve a stronger brand identity and fulfill our purpose of guiding people through their relationship journeys.

    Together, we can create a positive impact and empower people to navigate their relationships with confidence and support.

    How we choose our contributors

    If we would like to feature your article or have you as a regular contributor, you will be notified via email. As a reminder, we only publish informative relationship articles that include relevant content, relationship tips, knowledge, and insight that will help our readers navigate their challenges, so please consider this when you submit.:

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