Founder & CEO

Hi, my name is Johan, and thank you so much for being a reader of this blog!


I didn’t expect to talk about relationships when I started doing SEO, but suddenly I did. On the internet, I found only articles that explain what’s going wrong in your relationship, without providing next steps. It led me to start this blog, and now I’ve found my spot in writing about relationships.


I play it straight when it comes to SEO. With my background, I want to use a clear, evidence-based lens to break down difficult relationship problems. There is no fancy information here; just simple ideas that can be used in real life.


I want to do more than just get clicks, which is what search engine optimisation is all about. I’m all about putting light on small details in relationships that people don’t always notice. It’s meant to give useful details and explanations that make sense of things that might be missed or not understood.


My job is to teach and make complicated relationship topics easier to understand for a wider audience. With my SEO knowledge, I make sure that this information doesn’t get lost and gets to people who are actively looking for answers about different relationship problems.


Searching for my work will bring you more than just keywords and algorithms. This is an attempt to add useful information to the current discussion about how people connect with each other. Thanks for joining us on this trip of curiosity and understanding.