Couples Adventure Challenge: 50 Unique Dates & Adventures to Revive a Relationship

Is the Couples Adventure Challenge a Good Book?

Whether it’s your 50th anniversary or your first, if you’ve been in a relationship, you know that it’s only a matter of time before things get a little boring. I mean, how many movie nights can you go on before theater popcorn loses its novelty? Unfortunately, the high that comes with starting a new relationship isn’t so easy to replicate.

But, that doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed to repetition. One of the best ways to ensure that there’s always something new to look forward to in your relationship is to have an endless source of activities, including fun date ideas or a perfect adventure, including a travel itinerary.

And what better way to ensure this than to have the Couples Adventure Challenge by your side? But what is this book? Does it live up to its promises? Read on as we answer your questions and more!

What Is the Adventure Challenge?

The Couple Adventure Challenge is a couple’s activity book that offers you and your partner exceptional date ideas. With this cool adventure scrapbook, you’ll have new ways to improve your relationship through adventures. Each date in the book has surprises and scratch-off adventures that will offer you and your partner the excitement you need in your relationship. The couple’s book features 50 challenges that allow you and your SO new experiences and bucket list adventures to grow your relationship. What makes this book so unique is that you won’t be able to see the challenges unless you scratch them off.

What can I expect from this book?

– Flirty adventures

– Bucket list ideas

– Fresh date ideas

– Dating adventures

– Outdoor ideas

In general, you’ll just receive a list of ideas to spice up your relationship. These creative ideas are easier to do because you can be spontaneous. When you go on the internet to see a list of ideas, you’ll be more likely to think about what you’re doing. Most of the times, this results in disagreeing and not spending that valuable time together.

Who Started the Adventure Challenge?

Ben-Day and Bryant Ellis in 2018 started the Adventure Challenge book for couples. They founded the challenge to help couples, friends, and families to enjoy life outside the confinement of their comfort zones so that they could build more meaningful relationships with each other. In addition, they wanted to create something that allows people to establish a deeper connection by doing fun activities, and making unforgettable memories along the way.

How Does the Couples Adventure Challenge Work?

The Couples Adventure Challenge has different sets of rules and also features a table with symbols, the meanings of these symbols, and a range of challenges. You have to scratch off each challenge to find out what it is, so if you’re the kind of person that likes to pick randomly, it won’t work.

Here’s the thing, this couple’s activity book is meant to surprise you, which sets it apart from any other book for couples. Each challenge comes with a set cost, the best time of day to do it, and how long the challenge will take. The challenges also have different symbols to help you prepare for whether they are set outdoors or indoors and whether you will require any supplies or locations for the challenge.

There’s also space for you to write down about your experience, what you liked or didn’t like about the challenges, and how differently you would do it the next time. You can also stick tickets you use, photos, and everything else you’d like to save from the challenge. You also don’t have to worry about buying extra tape or glue because the spaces for your memories are already sticky. All you need to do is peel off and stick.

How Many Dates are in the Adventure Book?

The Couples Adventure Challenge has 50 unique dates and bucket list adventures. The couples edition is the perfect number of dates for those looking for something different and exciting for their relationship. Once you scratch the date to reveal the surprise activity, you can use the space next to it to write down what you liked most. If there are changes, you would make, write them down and make them a different activity. With so many alternatives and changes for you to make, there’s no telling how many dates you can go for! 

How is it different from other books for couples?

Contrary to regular books for couples, a unique benefit is that it’s a physical item. There are date ideas for the perfect adventure to be found online, but scratch-off adventure books don’t really exist. In addition, scratch-off adventure books could improve your sex life significantly. With these bucket list adventures, you’ll feel like there is some thrill in your relationship. A bit of adventure can’t hurt, right? 

If you’re looking for more intimate activities for couples, you should have a look at the adventure book in bed edition. Will you be the one to build a ‘blanket fort’ with your partner?

What Age is the Adventure Challenge For?

Ideally, the Couples Adventure Challenge book targets those between the ages of 16- 30. However, there’s no reason why older couples shouldn’t use it. We all need a little excitement in our life, so everyone, regardless of age, is welcome to try out some of the activities in the book.

What Activities are in the Couples Adventure Challenge?

There are a variety of challenges in the couple’s book. Some of them include:

  • Culinary challenges
  • Bucket list adventures
  • Couples booty box where you fill up a box with little treasures from all your dates
  • Poetry challenges where you and your SO get to come up with a set of words for a poem or song
  • Currency exchange, where you create your own currency and use it for things you could buy from your partner, like a back rub, a neck massage, and more!

The Pros and Cons of the Couples Adventure Challenge

dried herbs and incense on a weighing scale

Like anything else, there’s something to enjoy or improve about the couples activity book. Let’s take a look at what we found.


  • Activities are unlimited if you and your SO find a way to create alternatives for the challenges.
  • Spontaneity in activities means you have no option but to get out of your comfort zone and do something different.
  • The book offers opportunities for you and your loved one to spend quality time together. It’s the reason you need to be silly and have fun with your partner.


In all honesty, there’s very little to dislike about the couple’s book. That said, the only disadvantage is that you may not always be prepared for the activities you scratch off. In any case, that’s still an excuse to be spontaneous with your partner. Even a run to the store to get some supplies for an activity is considered quality time!

I guess the only question left is: Are you ready to make new unforgettable memories with your favorite person?

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