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Do You Have a Disrespectful Husband? 12 Signs You Can’t Ignore

Have you found yourself in a situation where your once blissful marriage now seems to be veering off course due to several issues, including disrespectful behavior from your partner? If so, it’s crucial not to turn a blind eye to signs of disrespect in your marriage.


While growing up, most people thought that marriage mirrors the fairytales we see in movies—a perfect union where a prince swoops in to rescue his princess, and they live happily ever after.


However, reality can differ from what we think we know or imagine. Marriage demands unwavering commitment and effort from both partners to foster mutual respect and growth.


Finding yourself in a marriage that has strayed far from the perfect dream you once held can be disheartening. 


It’s crucial not to dismiss the unmistakable signs of a disrespectful partner, as they can profoundly impact the quality of your relationship.

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It’s a telltale sign of disrespect when your husband doesn’t even converse with you. 


  • Do you find that your husband goes into his man cave every day when he gets home from work? 
  • Can you remember the last time you had an actual conversation? 
  • Do you find that he deliberately and consistently avoids talking to you? 


This is more than just a warning sign. It can be indicative of an unhealthy relationship where emotional distance prevails.


4. He orders you around and treats you like a child

When your husband starts giving orders and treating you like a child, it shows disrespect. This behavior reflects a lack of respect for independence and autonomy in a healthy marriage.


In a respectful relationship, both partners highly regard and treat each other with consideration. When he begins to boss you around, it’s not just a warning sign but a clear indication of an unhealthy relationship. 


His actions can be seen as emotional abuse, where he diminishes your voice and rights.


5. He expects you to cook and clean with no help from him

It’s not uncommon to take on certain responsibilities in a marriage. 


Still, when your husband expects you to handle all the cooking and cleaning without offering any help, it can be a clear sign of a disrespectful husband.


This signifies a lack of respect for the equal partnership essential for a successful relationship.


Marriage should be a partnership. The wife should not be the maid, cook, or nanny. You can hire people for that. 


A husband and wife should equally share household responsibilities. 


6. He never compliments you

It can be disheartening when your husband rarely offers compliments.


This is more than just a minor issue; it’s actually a subtle sign of disrespect. Recognizing and appreciating each other’s qualities and efforts is one of the hallmarks of a healthy and respectful relationship.


Giving compliments to your partner is not about constantly singing their praise for no reason but about recognizing and appreciating the little and big things they do or say. 


It is deliberate to let your partner know they are appreciated.


7. He’s not affectionate

It’s not all about sex! 


This is about affection formed through deep connections that can only be derived from meaningful conversations and genuine affection for one another. It can signal a deeper issue if your husband isn’t openly affectionate with you. 


Expressing affection is a way of demonstrating care and appreciation. When this aspect is consistently missing, it could be a warning sign of an unhealthy relationship.


Many men say they require sex to have affection for their partner, but sex does not necessarily equal affection. Your husband should hold your hand, cuddle you on the couch, and hug you.


8. He criticizes you

No one should EVER criticize you. Let me repeat… no one should ever criticize you!


A husband who engages in regular criticism might unknowingly contribute to an atmosphere lacking in respect. 


Addressing this behavior through candid conversations is a genuine endeavor toward healing and cultivating a more harmonious marital environment. 


That’s not to say that they shouldn’t politely and calmly point out that they would like you to make changes, but they need to do it politely.


This is also not about undue sensitivity but rather about nurturing an environment where both partners communicate with kindness and consideration. 


This step is very important in fostering a marriage that thrives on mutual respect and understanding.


9. He lays his hand or any kind of object on you

This one should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately, it’s not for many men.


One of the highest forms of disrespect in a relationship is a man raising his hands or any object to hit you. A man should never hit you or physically hurt you in any way. 


It is a clear sign of disrespect when he lays his hand or any object on you, even something seemingly harmless.


If you are in a relationship where your husband is physically abusive towards you, or as puts it, “if the disrespect in the relationship is severe, abusive, or can not be salvaged,” you should step back. 


It also suggests that “if the disrespect is mild and the relationship can be salvaged, the person should set clear boundaries, let the other person know their behavior is disrespectful, and work together to eliminate the behavior in a compassionate manner.”


10. He isolates you

Isolation goes beyond physical distance. It’s a deliberate act of creating emotional and social distance, a tactic often used by gaslighters.


This can manifest in controlling where you go, who you interact with, or even undermining your relationships outside of marriage.


Does he keep you at home and away from your friends and family? 


He might even say, “it’s for your own good” or “I want you to myself.” That’s one of the biggest signs of a disrespectful husband. He is not being honest and wants to control your life.


11. He blames you for everything and never takes any personal responsibility

It takes two to tango. No person in a marriage is completely blameless. So, if he’s always blaming you for everything, he is displaying disrespectful behavior. 


In a successful and respectful relationship, both partners acknowledge their contributions, have honest conversations, and consciously try to understand each other. 


Constant derogatory remarks and accusatory statements are major signs of disrespect in marriage, leading to an unhealthy and potentially abusive relationship. 


“You always look so sloppy and unkempt.”

“You’re not smart enough to understand this.”

“You’re such a loser, just like your family.”

“You can’t even make a simple decision on your own.”

“Your accomplishments are nothing to be proud of.”

“This mess is your fault; you’re always so careless.”


12. He says you’d be nothing without him

This is a form of verbal abuse and one of the major signs of a disrespectful partner. 


Many men use this as a means of control, aiming to diminish their wives’ self-worth and independence. 


It’s a clear lack of respect and a behavior pattern stemming from their own low self-esteem.



How To Deal with a Disrespectful Husband

“Respect in the context of dating usually means that the partners view each other as equals, with neither having authority over the other. Each partner is free to be themselves and live their life as they see fit, sharing their life with their partner in a mutually agreeable way” according to Regain.


However, when faced with a disrespectful husband, addressing the issue with empathyopen communication, and a genuine effort toward positive change is crucial. Here’s a guide to help you navigate this challenging situation:


1. Recognize the Signs of Disrespectful Behavior

Begin by identifying the behaviors that fall under the umbrella of disrespect. This can range from derogatory remarks and a lack of consideration to more severe forms like emotional abuse. Understanding the spectrum of disrespectful behavior is the first step toward initiating change.


2. Establish Boundaries and Personal Space

In marriage or any type of relationship, boundaries are essential.


Communicate your need for personal space and boundaries clearly and assertively, because a successful relationship requires a balance between togetherness and individuality.


3. Initiate Honest Conversations

Open and honest conversations are the bedrock of any healthy relationship.


If you want to have more honest conversations, you should try to focus on creating a safe space where you and your partner can express their feelings, concerns, and expectations without fear of judgment. 


This paves the way for a deeper understanding of each other’s needs.


Additionally, disrespectful behavior often stems from childhood, and often serves as a coping mechanism. Initiating open conversations and opening yourself up to be vulnerable, might really help in such situations.


4. Addressing Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can take a toll on mental health and erode self-esteem. Addressing this can be tough and, in many cases, may require the intervention of a professional who can guide you and your partner towards healing and positive change.


Don’t shy away from getting professional help. Emotional abuse is serious, and should never be neglected.


5. Recognize Major Signs of Disrespect

Pay attention to major signs such as consistent rudeness, controlling behavior, or a dismissive attitude. These can indicate deeper issues that must be addressed in order for the relationship to thrive.


These major signs of disrespect could include:



6. Focus on Quality Time Together

Quality time is essential for building and nurturing a healthy marriage.


Engage in activities that promote bonding, understanding, and mutual respect. Shared experiences strengthen the foundation of any relationship.


More often than not, we forget that disrespectful behavior (whereas not present in the past) has a root cause. While disrespect is unacceptable, there are certain things in your relationship that could have caused it. 


Don’t allow yourself to grow away from your partner and find time to have quality time together. By doing os, you’ll create a safe environment that makes it easier to talk about certain concerns in your relationship.


7. Be Mindful of Body Language and Statements

Non-verbal cues and statements hold significant weight in communication. 


Pay attention to body language and address any disrespectful statements promptly. 


8. Embrace Genuine and Conscious Effort

Both partners must be committed to building a respectful and healthy marriage. This journey requires dedication, patience, and a shared vision of a fulfilling life together.


10. Be a Role Model

Being a role model when dealing with a disrespectful husband means leading by example. It involves demonstrating the behavior and attitude you expect from your husband in the relationship. It could be you showing respect, communicating constructively, handling conflicts well, or showing empathy or appreciation towards them to try and better your relationship.


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Marriage should be a haven – a relationship that comforts you from the cruel world. Marriage should be built on mutual respect, trust, and support. 


Disrespectful behavior erodes the fabric of the relationship and takes a toll on your mental and emotional health.


You deserve to be in a relationship where you feel valued, cherished, and heard. If you can relate to any of these signs of a disrespectful husband, you should get help and consider your options to make your life happier.


However, with the right mindset, and the right skills, there are things you can do to solve these issues. 

Justicia Amedu

Justicia Amedu


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